Top 20 Bass Fishing Tips

Top 20 Bass Fishing Tips


Top 20 Bass Fishing Tips: Before heading out to catch some bass, take a look at these 20 important bass fishing tips.

1. Fish slowly, providing better action and enabling the fish to have ample eye contact.

2. When the bite seems to slow down, you should slow also down. Work methodically until you find the fish.

3. Always be aware of your weather forecast. Wind, storms, and lightning kill. Safety comes first.

4. If wet feet bother you on rainy days, try a pair of GORE-TEX sox. They are waterproof and can be worn in any shoe or boot.

5. Be alert and watchful. Fish give away their presence 90% of the time through baitfish fleeing; surface action; or vegetation movement.

6. Always look in a bass’ mouth before releasing it. Most of the time, when fighting a lure in his jaw, a bass will try to throw up whatever is in his stomach. You may be able to determine what prey       the fish are actively feeding on and choose a lure/presentation to duplicate it.

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7. Set the hook on a fish by feel rather than by sight.

8. Regularly check your knot for weakness and hook for sharpness.

9. Bass is not that smart. A swivel does not affect the action of a lure in a negative way and fish don’t really care about it. Use one anytime there is the potential for line twist.

10. If you are using small hooks, don’t jerk hard on the hookset; just tighten up the slack with the rod and reel faster.

11. Check your line just above the lure frequently when fishing crankbaits around rocks, gravel, stumps, and other hard obstructions. They can quickly fray your line.

12. Bass normally respond best to an erratic retrieve and a lot of motion. Keep that lure in front of the fish as long as you can.

13. Hold your rod tip down and to the side for better feel, keeping the angle between rod and line at around 90 degrees.

14. Black buzz baits seem to produce more strikes than bright colors.

15. Since the bass’s metabolism is high, use large crankbaits in warm and hot weather. Switch to smaller baits when the water is cooler.

16. Use a wire cross-locking snap when fishing crank plugs. It allows you to change lures quickly and enables the bait to vibrate more freely.

17. If you notice feeding fish and baitfish movement, the predators are actively after the prey. Switch to a fast-moving crankbait and burn it through the area of activity.

18. Protect your eyes with a good pair of plastic polarized sunglasses. They will protect you from the sun’s rays and also provide a shield against a snagged slip sinker or lure flying back when pulled loose.

19. Keep baits fresh and airtight with a food vacuum sealer. You can also store hooks and other terminal tackle this way.

20. Store small quantities of hooks with a few grains of rice and they will never rust.

Using these tips will help you increase your bass catch!

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