About This Web Site

Everyone’s Fishing story is different and by taking the time to learn how to, or how not to, is what makes an angler’s story so rewarding. My story is that I didn’t follow any sure path or in the footsteps of any anglers that had a love for the sport of Fishing, I grew up in the Mid West, Bass country, fishing any and every body of water from, sneaking in on that Farmer pond in the back of corn fileds, in the farm lands, to the beatuitful rushing rivers to the lakes, just shacking to get baited up and wondering  if I should pick that hole or the other, knowing that the first or second cast would almost  always be able to pull that 4 to 6 pound monster out. So, I would fish and not follow anybodys road to success to futher my fishing career, throught out my life. My unique path to fishing is one that I have fished in almost every state, pond, lake , river, gulf and ocean, at lease in my head anyway.

Before moving to South West Florida for good, I had lived in Oregon for many years. Fishing in the Willamette to Clackamas to Eagle Creek and the Mightly Columbia River. Boat Fishing right on the line or just below the line at the Bonneville Dam, what is now Fort Cascades Boat Ramp, Years ago it was Bonneville Bobs where we would wait for him to open the bait shop for all the last minute supplies. All to catch the mighty Sturgeon, using whole Chad or hoching up some eel for bait, with a Penn Reel, 50 lb mono line, a 24 oz cannon ball weight on a 24″ leader with a # 2 hook with a slider to a barrow swivel, man what a blast. April was there spawning season and the time to catch a keeper and or to hook into a 10′ to 14′ monster and watch them come out of the water and tail dance, “what a sight to see”. Then Salmon, Stealhead season to the Walleye season that produces some of the biggest and tastiest in all the States. Also Hunting Ducks at the first crack of morning light in Mexco. Then fishing all day in the Mexico waters, what a wonderful variety of different speices of fish. Then, I can’t go on without mentioning the wonderful fishing in Alaska and Canada’s for Salmon, Halibut and all of the other species of fish that thrive there also. I want to share with the world! My lifelong journey started with trials, tribulations, and disappointments that evolved into perseverance, faith, and lifelong friendships.